2022-06-14 06:37News

We are excited to take part in HIMSS22Europe!

We are excited to take part in HIMSS22Europe this year together with BCB Medical. In the conference from BCB Medical, Chief Scientific Officer, Lisse-Lotte Hermansson and Dr Jussi Salmi, Data Scientist, Adjunct Professor will be speakers in the Finnish Pavilion (hall 6) on Wednesday, June 15th.

If you are attending HIMSS2022, please join us to hear their presentation on Synthetic Health Data Revolution at 11:35 am.

On Wednesday you can meet our experts and BCB Medical’s Janne Heikkinen and take a look at the FHIR demo that they are currently working on in cooperation with InterSystems, Vitec Acute, Tietoevry, Sensotrend, Fujitsu and Oy Apotti Ab.) At the same time, we’re presenting BCB Medical’s new, unique MyHealth overall mobile service for citizens in wellbeing services counties.

Welcome to our booth no 1045 to hear more!

About Health Solutions

Modern healthcare is also generating a huge amount of data. The problem is that it is much better at producing data than it is at capturing the relevant data and use it to help their customers, the patients. Which is where we come in. You might say that our mission is to help healthcare create health by using what they already have at their disposal: Healthcare generated data. Our best services have been crafted in close cooperation with our customers and if you have ideas we want to hear about them as soon as possible. Below are our guesses on who you are, we would be equally happy if we are right or if you prove us wrong, as long as you have interesting stuff to discuss with us. If you have found your way here chances are that you are a healthcare professional, working at a pharmaceutical company or that you, as we do, deliver services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. You are probably interested in providing better service for your customers.