2022-06-21 13:36News

We are attending the EASL congress in London this week!

EASL is the Home of Hepatology. European professionals have gathered in London in regard to their interest in liver and its disorders. Health Solutions, a part of BCB Medical is contributing the community by Health technology for gathering, analysing and reporting clinical data. One of the systems in focus during the conference is HepCARE. HepCARE is a Digital Clinical Decision Management System for Hepatitis B, C and D.

Among HepCARE’s features are patient overview, real-time statistics for patient cohort follow-up and structured manual data feeds. In addition, HepCARE has multiple integrations. HepCARE gathers data from Lab and Patient Administration systems (PAS) at respective trusts around the UK and sends data automatically to The NHS England national HCV registry as well as exports to the Health Informatics Collaborative (HIC) NIHR Biomedical Research study.

We look forward to see you there!

About Health Solutions

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