About Health Solutions

Health Solutions is a Swedish company with expertise in managing and refining huge amounts of healthcare and patient generated data. We develop tools in close collaboration with our customers to invent solutions that will sort and visualize data, to bring the relevant information at the right time to create increased health for the most important person in the information chain, the patient. The finished products may be decision support systems, quality registries with real time data, screening tools or other tailored eHealth solutions. Our products are used in all Nordic countries as well as internationally. Health Solution has offices in Stockholm and London. You are welcome to visit us at


Marie Arnell
CEO, Health Solutions
Marie Arnell
CEO, BCB Medical
Petteri Viljanen
Chairman of the Board of BCB Medical Holding
Birgitta Stymne Göransson
Project manager, Health Solutions
Teresa Reinli
Project Manager, Health Solutions
Martina Breitenau
Patrik Sobocki
CEO, BCB Group
Patrik Sobocki
Project Manager
Cecilia Sällström